Successful Gala, benefiting local charities

Due to the exceptional weather we’ve experienced this year, we had another successful Gala event. In fact, it was almost too warm, which probably explains why we were slightly down on attendance this year. Nevertheless, let’s hope this weather trend continues for future Galas; nothing beats a great family event on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon with plenty of refreshments to cool you down!

As always, the Gala is held with the aim at supporting local charities and organisations. This year’s Gala raised £6,200, which is slightly down on last year’s figures. We’ve decided to donate £6,000, as follows:


–           Barnsley Hospice.         £500

–           Wakefield Hospice.       £500

–           45th Durkar WF Scouts £250

–           Notton Village Shop.   £250

–           Notton Village Hall.     £2250

–           Notton Cricket Club.   £2250


I’d like to thank everyone who has helped make this Gala a big success; from the locals, to the cricket club, to the Durkar Scouts. Also a big thanks to everyone who has donated various items for tombola, raffle prizes, cakes, plants etc.

Preparations for the Gala 2019 will begin in the coming months, with our first meeting scheduled for 22nd November at 7h30pm. If there’s anyone who’d like to get involved and want to help, please get in touch, or feel free to attend our next meeting.


Mike Pretorius – Gala Chairman Tel 07806 722507